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“I started playing snooker again after several years away from the table, but was not able to play to my previous standard. So I got in touch with Andy to see if he could help.

The first coaching session with him, involving video recording and play back, identified a number of problems with my cueing technique and introduced corrective measures to rectify this.

The second session aimed at adopting my improved technique through practice and potting exercises.

I feel a lot more confident now about my game and look forward to enjoying snooker again.

Andrew, Stevenage

Andrew Nicholson

Stevenage, Hertfordshire

I have recently got back in to snooker and previously I could not pot a ball!

I decided I would get some professional help, I contacted Andy to arrange some coaching lessons. The venue was at Stotfold Conservative Club, Hertfordshire which is a great venue.

After the initial assessment and within a very short period of time of our first lesson, Andy found that my stance was the problem and by the end of lesson, “I had found my sweet spot”!

I was so frustrated with my game and not able to pot a ball, but now I am over the moon, and I’m sure my game will improve no end.


Andy is a gentleman and very knowledgeable about the game. He’s very easy to talk to and I’m sure  if I was left to do this by myself A) It would have took many hours and B) A lot of money and frustration would have been spent. 


Great value for money and I can’t wait until I get to play again.

Thanks a lot mate it was a great lesson. Looking forward to another session soon.





Luke Goodman


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